Monday, 5 November 2012

More Webex Productivity Tools Goodness

Hello again!

Following on from my last post, I have completed a more thorough inventory of the design elements which need to be unprotected or deleted in order to fully uninstall the Webex Productivity Tools from a Lotus Notes mailbox.

Here's the list:

_Calendar Entry

Shared Elements\Subforms

Code\Script Libraries

Further to this list, it is important to delete the "Database Script" from the mailbox.
To do this, expand the "Code" section, then right-click the Database Script entry and click delete.

Once you have completed the above tasks, you should be able to re-install the Productivity Tools successfully into the mailbox. Alternatively, if you delete the above design elements, you can then re-apply your mailbox's design (I prefer to use the "load convert -u" console command) and restore your mailbox back to your favourite template. You might even be able to create meetings! :)

Some other points to note:
  1. If it all goes horribly wrong, you might experience one of the following error messages on trying to create an email or a meeting in your mailbox. If you experience either of these errors, check that the above list of design elements are either unprotected or deleted.

    "Cannot find external name: SIGNENCRYPTPOLICY"

    "Error: Type mismatch on external name: CSEVENTNOTES"
  2. Cisco offer a tool called the LNI Admin Tool, which can be used to apply the Webex Productivity Tools design elements to multiple mailboxes. It seems to use a modified version of the "nconvert" Domino task to do this.

    I have no experience with using this tool, and would love to hear form anyone who has.